Search engine optimization, or SEO, strengthens your website’s ability to attract attention from search engines as they comb the Web to respond to each search.

Here are some of the main areas for SEO focus:

– Strong, relevant, and well-written content that attracts search engine crawlers and backlinks
– Ensuring the website works on different devices (desktop, tablets, smartphones) used to access the web
– Creating a logical, easy-to-follow website structure:
– URLs that follow site navigation and include keywords
– Using a “shallow depth” navigation structure that makes sure important pages are easily located
– Creating a quality, white-hat backlink strategy
– Identifying guest blogging opportunities
– Identifying sites to leave service or product reviews
– Tracking incoming links to contact
– Ensuring the user experience is a satisfying one
– Pages download within 3 seconds
– Navigation is easy to follow
– Website can be searched for content

Websites with engaging content, skillful coding, and an orderly structure become more valuable to search engines, which in turn helps drive more traffic to them. Websites with high traffic matched by longer site visit times will have higher page rankings for relevant search terms.

Why Does SEO Matter?

– Cost Effective – SEO has been proven to be one of the most cost effective forms of online marketing, delivering a higher return over time.
– Stand Out – SEO can make your brand stronger, better and well recognized. People should find you at the top of search results.
– Drive Sales – Today, more sales offline are driven by research initiated on the Web. Open the flood gates and traffic keeps flowing.
– Targeted Prospects – SEO can attract targeted prospects to your website and increase conversion rates by delivering the exact solution to problems they are facing. There’s a better way to market your business, and we’re here to help.

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